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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

CISA: Responding to Drone Calls Guidance for Emergency Communications Centers


Drone use by critical infrastructure and hobbyist alike continue to rise due to their popularity and affordability. As drone activity increases around communities, concerned citizens are likely to contact 9-1-1 call centers and report suspicious drone flights. This guidance provides an overview of safe and unsafe drone flight and a recommended script that Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) may follow when responding to drone related calls.


Responding to Drone Calls Guidance for Emergency Communications Centers


As drone activity continues to increase in the United States, Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) or Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) may experience an increase in drone-related calls. ECCs should understand the distinctions between proper and improper drone activity and collect the information needed to inform potential law enforcement response. This guidance provides an overview of safe and suspicious drone flight activity and a suggested script that may be used during a drone-related call. In addition to this guidance, ECCs should refer to relevant state or local laws to inform their drone response.



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