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Wednesday, April 3, 2024


Product: VigilAir

Industry: Detector


VigilAir, Vorpal’s flagship product, is an RF-based drone situational awareness solution. VigilAir detects, geolocates and tracks drones with sensitivity and accuracy to provide high clarity drone situational awareness. VigilAir is comprised of several RF sensors (four as a minimum) deployed in the Area of Interest, and a clouded server acting as a command and control centre. Distances of few kilometers between sensors and unlimited system scalability provide wide coverage, in both urban and rural areas. The solution enables the accurate detection, geolocation and tracking of both drone and operator, providing users with actionable intelligence and zero false alarms. VigilAir is a fully passive system (RF reception only) and can be operated from fixed installations or deployed ad-hoc in its ruggedized version. Founded in 2009, Vorpal Ltd. has accumulated experience in realizing advanced signal processing and analysis solutions, with in-house proprietary knowledge and algorithms. Aided by experience in military-grade Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Vorpal designs and deploys advanced, highly accurate geolocation solutions. In March 2020 VigilAir was certified by the UK government’s Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CPNI). CPNI is the UK’s government authority for protective security advice to the UK national infrastructure, working to reduce its vulnerabilities to different threats. VigilAir was evaluated and certified under the CPNI’s Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Detect, Track and Identify (DTI) testing and evaluation standard.

Country: Israel




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