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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

ISDEF Emergency 2022 – 9th National Conference – Tel Aviv, Israel

September 13th, 2022 – ISDEF Emergency 2022 – 9th National Conference – Tel Aviv, Israel

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The 9th National Conference on Preparedness and Dealing with Emergency Situations

Since its foundation, the State of Israel has faced complex and diverse emergency situations that require an integrated response. The pandemic crisis, the threat of missiles, the unrest in the cities involved, the danger of a devastating earthquake and extreme weather events require comprehensive preparation at the national level and the formation of a public emergency culture which will help reduce the damage to life and property and allow a quick return to routine and rehabilitation.

The National Conference for Dealing with Emergency Situations provides every year an opportunity to discuss the working interfaces and creates an infrastructure for cooperation between the senior policy makers and the officials in the various response circles responsible for the preparation, preparedness and actual response to the country’s population.

Who is the conference for?
The conference will be attended by about 600 key officials in the state, public sector, government ministries, public institutions, industries, companies and the private business sector. The emergency and security managers of the local and regional authorities, factories and organizations, emergency funders, managers of functional/business continuity, military personnel and Tchai. The conference was held in collaboration with the “National Forum for Dealing with Emergency Situations”

This year the conference will focus on the issues of functional and economic continuity and BCP business continuity during a national crisis and the importance of the ability of the state systems, national infrastructures and essential enterprises to return the economy to function and allow the country’s residents to lead an orderly lifestyle.

Main topics:
Functional and economic continuity and business continuity BCP
Preparedness and preparedness for earthquakes.
Natural disasters, extreme weather/fires.
International cooperation and assistance.
International exposure

The National Emergency Conference is gaining a lot of interest in the world and for the first time it will be held in an international format. The conference will be attended by representatives of countries from the region, foreign emergency bodies, authorities and organizations dealing in the fields of emergency preparedness and the display of foreign companies. The conference is of great public importance in dealing with issues at the center of the agenda of the public emergency systems in Israel. Its existence makes a significant contribution to the awareness and capabilities of the systems and its participants.

The conference program and discussion topics:
Crisis situations in the State of Israel
The next war, earthquakes, natural disasters, extreme weather, pandemic

A devastating earthquake in Israel
The scenarios, risk areas, forecasting and assessments

Objectives and service levels
Government offices and authorities, rehabilitation/return to function

Functional continuity at the national level
Government offices, local authorities, national infrastructures. Transportation/ Energy, Electricity/ Ports of Israel/ Economy/ Work business continuity

Essential industries and factories, private sector – food/ finance/ communication emergency and rescue

National crisis management, the emergency bodies – PAKAR, MDA, KBA, police, health services

Community/national resilience
Methods for public participation in the preparation. The lessons of the pandemic and their application in national crisis events and disaster scenarios. The country, the city, the family, life international aid.

Regional cooperation with neighboring countries in emergency scenarios – Jordan, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Greece

Technology and innovation in the emergency service
At the same time as the conference, there will be an exhibition of dedicated technologies, a display of means, demonstrations of equipment and current developments in the field of preparing and responding to emergency situations and the preparedness of the public, the authorities and the security and rescue organizations.

The conference will be held in collaboration with the ” National Forum for Dealing with Emergency Situations ” – the core of the state, institutional and civil emergency system in the State of Israel.

With the participation of the head of the National Emergency Authority, the commander of the home front command, the director general of the Israel Defense Forces, the director general of the Israel Ports Company, the deputy minister of defense, MDA, fire and rescue commissioner, representatives of the European Union, NATO, the industrialists’ association, senior lecturers and academics.

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