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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

INTERPEX 2022 Expo Center Exhibition – Istanbul, Turkey

INTERPEX 2022 – October 13th to 16th, 2022 – Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Equipment and Cyber Security Exhibition – Istanbul, Turkey

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Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Equipment and Cyber Security Exhibition

Homeland Security, law enforcement equipment, and cyber security exhibition (INTERPEX) shall be organized on October 13th-16th, 2022 as the first exhibition of its sector and field in our country and region.

Organized at Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) by Noya Fair Organization team that has been active in the sector for longer than 20 years, INTERPEX is structured as the first exhibition organized in our country in this field while also having a unique context with only a few examples in the world.

Interpex Exhibition will be a very special event where local producers will present their products to global homeland security and safety organizations and international companies can present their products in our country.

INTERPEX will bring together all relevant institutions and private sector companies at the same platform, introducing suppliers and users, being the most important meeting point of our country that

  • Is one of the biggest 20 economies in the world,
  • Is one of the strongest countries in its region,
  • Is one of the most experienced countries in the world in homeland security,
  • Is one of the most significant producers of products used in homeland security and its sub-industries,

which also;

  • Has relationships with and the ability to host organizations of many different countries, starting with Middle Eastern, North African, Balkan, Black Sea, and Turkic countries with physical and historic ties,
  • Has one of the most experienced homeland security organizations of the world thanks to regional dynamics ,
  • Has a central location easily accessible from all around the world and that can host an event of this scale.



Profiles of exhibitor sectors that will display their products in the exhibition

  • Vehicles (Air, Land, Sea), Motorcycles, Vehicle Equipment and Safety
    • Unmanned Vehicles and Equipment, Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones
    • Weapons, Ammunition and Optic, Optronic, and Optoelectronic, All Auxiliary Equipment
    • Personal Equipment and Apparatus (Clothes, Fabric, Shoes, etc.)
    • Communication Devices, Wireless Devices, Radios, Information Exchange Equipment
    • Radars, Satellite Devices, Antenna and Equipment
    • Access Control, Area Control Equipment, Traffic Systems, Transportation Safety
    • Monitoring, Tracking, and Intelligence Devices, Search and Examination Equipment
    • Electronic Security Devices, Access Control Systems, Urban Monitoring and Urban Security
    • Cyber Security, Hardware, Software
    • Information Technologies, Information Systems, Hardware, Software
    • Reporting and Information Systems (156, 155 etc.)
    • Mobile Systems, Applications, New Technology Products
    • Forensic Medicine, Criminal and Investigative Equipment, Measurement, Analysis, Test
    • Radiation, Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection
    • Service Animals, Their Training and Care
    • Border Security, Customs Security, and Coastal Security
    • Fire and Disaster Prevention-Response, Warning Systems, Emergency Response, Rescue
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Health, Sports, Education, Maintenance Equipment and devices
    • Logistics, Transportation, Supplies, and Storage
    • Office and Bureau, Construction, Electrical, Energy, and Lighting Equipment
    • Public Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Education Institutions, Consultancy, Education, and Service Companies

Visitor profile of exhibition

  • All Ministries
    • Ministry of National Defence
    • Ministry of Interior
    • Ministry of Justice
    • Turkish Armed Forces
    • General Command of Gendarmerie
    • Directorate General of Security
    • Coast Guard Command
    • Special Forces
    • Intelligence Organizations
    • Public Institutions and Their Relevant Units,
    • Prisons and Penal Institutions
    • Customs, Customs Officers
    • Border and Immigration Officers
    • Disaster and Crisis Management Officers
    • Embassies, Consulates, Foreign Missions
    • Security Organization and Institutes, and Education Institutions
    • Private Security and Security Companies and Employees
    • Sectoral Companies (Defense, Cyber Security, Fire, etc.)
    • Public Spaces, Stadiums, Activity Areas and Officers
    • Critical Infrastructure Contractors, Architects, and Engineers
    • Analysts, Academics, and Researchers




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