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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Secretary Blinken Enroute to Israel and Jordan

HLS.Today Hamas Israel - Secretary Blinken Enroute to Israel and Jordan

HLS.Today – Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will travel to Israel and Jordan October 11-13, 2023, where he will meet with senior officials. The Secretary will reiterate his condolences for the victims of the terrorist attacks against Israel and condemn those attacks in the strongest terms.  The Secretary will also reaffirm the United States’ solidarity with the government and people of Israel.  He will also discuss measures to bolster Israel’s security and underscore the United States’ unwavering support for Israel’s right to defend itself.


Resources and Information for Faith and Community Leaders Regarding the Situation in Israel


DHS is closely monitoring unfolding events in Israel and Gaza and will share relevant information with our partners and communities to ensure they are prepared for any impacts to public safety. On October 7, DHS and the FBI jointly issued a public safety notice indicating that no specific and credible threats have been identified at this time.


DHS encourages communities to be alert, vigilant and prepared. Below are a variety of DHS resources that may be helpful to organizations:


Resources for Community Organizations and Service Providers

Training and course offerings, services, and funding resources for community organizations to address targeted violence.

Security and Resilience Resources for At-Risk Communities

Provides a range of physical security and community resources, including PSAs, Faith-Based/Houses of Worship, School Safety, and broader counterterrorism/targeted violence programs related to at-risk communities and soft targets/publicly accessible locations.

Protecting Houses of Worship Landing Page

This webpage is a first stop shop for guidance and resources to inform Faith-based organizations and places of worship on security-based decisions. Included on this page are numerous resources, which provide building blocks for effective safety and security programs. The resources include a self-assessment tool, trainings, exercises, and other materials focused on a wide range of man-made threats (e.g., bombing, active shooter, vehicle ramming, etc.) that could be used against communities.

Protecting Places of Worship: Six Steps to Enhance Security Against Targeted Violence 

This document outlines actions that faith-based organizations and community leaders can take to increase security. These six steps can help protect places of worship against potential threats of targeted violence in a cost-effective manner that maintains an open and welcoming environment.

Protecting Places of Worship: Perimeter Security Considerations

This infographic outlines low-to-no cost solutions to help implement these suggested practices and highlights ways to identify funding for security improvements.

Immigration Relief in Emergencies or Unforeseen Circumstances | USCIS

Unforeseen circumstances, such as natural catastrophes (hurricanes, wildfires, severe weather, etc.), national emergencies (public health emergencies), or severe illness (including COVID), can sometimes affect the processing of your USCIS application, petition, or immigration request.

Allied Against Hate: A Toolkit for Faith Communities

This toolkit describes practical steps faith communities can take to prevent acts of hate, discrimination, and bias, and to demonstrate solidarity with targeted communities if such acts tragically do occur.





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