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Monday, January 22, 2024

Israel: Elbit’s Lethal and Non-Lethal Payload Drone to Engage Urban Enemies

HLS.Today Israel Elbit’s Lethal and Non-Lethal Payload Drone to Engage Urban Enemies

HLS.Today – LANIUS Drone-based loitering munition for complex environments. Part of the Legion-X robotic and autonomous combat solution, LANIUS is a highly maneuverable and versatile drone-based loitering munition designed for short-range operation in the urban environment. The system can autonomously scout and map buildings and points of interest for possible threats, detecting, classifying and syncing to Elbit Systems’ Legion-X solutions. LANIUS can carry lethal or non-lethal payloads, capable of performing a broad spectrum of mission profiles for special forces, military, law enforcement, and HLS.


Elbit Systems / LANIUS


Key Features

  • Legion-X compatible
  • Racer Quadcopter drone frame and motor – high speed engagement
  • Navigation and mapping indoor/outdoor/transition
  • Onboard computing power supporting AI advanced algorithm for collision avoidance/mapping/ classification
  • Wi-Fi or SDR communication
  • Highly autonomous tactical sUAS


Operational Advantages

  • BLOS ISR and attack capabilities (search and attack in one for complex environments)
  • Equipped to engage with target (man-in-the-loop)
  • Extreme maneuverability
  • Minimal user interaction – HMT mode
  • Electronic safe & arm
  • Low collateral damage

System Highlights

The LANIUS loitering weapon system maneuvers close to the target and uses video analytics to determine entry points into a structure, map the inside of unknown buildings performing simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and identify combatants and non-combatants among the building occupants.

The system is equipped to defeat threats using explosive payloads with man-in-the-loop control. 

Command and Control:

LANIUS has two operational modes:

  • Legion-X interfaces for command and control, real-time video and data synchronization, and direct viewing capability
  • Standalone operation – a handheld unit with Human-Machine Teaming (HMT) advanced interfaces.

Autonomous operation:

An onboard companion computer interfaces with the camera assembly and drone flight computer for autonomous control. The computer can execute a full flight profile, takeoff, navigation, and scouting, without user intervention.

Scout and detect:

LANIUS is equipped with cameras fitted with multiple visual sensors and IMU. The system incorporates a SLAM algorithm, using image processing to identify points of interest and displays relevant data and identification information to the operator. Threat classification and location are synced in real-time with Legion-X or standalone applications.


LANIUS can carry lethal or non-lethal payloads to eliminate or neutralize the target. A dedicated integrated arming mechanism Electronic Safe and Arm (ESA) allows for safe transition between safe-to-arm-to-safe operational modes. Human attack missions require man-in-the-loop approval for fire procedures.


HLS.Today Source: Elbit Systems




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