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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Brazil Champion of Military World Naval Pentathlon

HLS.Today Brazil Champion of Military World Naval Pentathlon

HLS.Today – After five days of competitions, Brazil won the 52nd World Military Naval Pentathlon Championship, in the men’s and women’s individual, and in teams. The competition began on October 4, at the Almirante Adalberto Nunes Physical Education Center (CEFAN), in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to Brazil, seven countries participated: South Africa, Germany, Spain, Finland, Iran, Russia and Sweden. The United Arab Emirates, Tanzania and Zambia were present as observers.

The championship closing ceremony was held on Monday (10). On the occasion, the women’s team from Brazil won a gold medal, Russia a silver and Spain a bronze. The Brazilian military also took first place in the overall score, followed by the teams from Germany and Russia.

Performance – In the women’s individual dispute, the Brazilian Sergeant Áila Alves had the best performance, followed by the Russian athlete WO Anastasiia Poliaskaia and the Spanish athlete CAES Sara Marquez. In the men’s, Brazilian Sergeants Max Leal and Tiago André won first and second place, and German OR-3 Janik Hoffmann third.

On the last day of the test, the military still disputed the relay on the obstacle course, with scores apart from the other tests. Again, the two teams from Brazil won first place. In the women’s, the military from Russia came in second and Spain in third. In the men’s, Brazil was followed by soldiers from Iran and Spain.

“This is the true sporting spirit, the one that makes our audiences vibrate with great joy, bringing pride, especially, to those who contribute to making sport a powerful tool in social and human development”, said the Director of the Department of Military Sports ( DDM/MD), during the event.

Decoration – During the closing ceremony, the Medal of the Order of Merit of the International Council of Military Sports (CISM) was handed over. The honor is awarded by the institution’s board of directors to those who, through their actions, have demonstrated CISM’s ideals and objectives and contributed to the development of sport in the Armed Forces.

The ceremony was attended by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense; the Secretary for Personnel, Health, Sports and Social Projects (SEPESD/MD); and the Commander of CEFAN; among other authorities.

The Naval Pentathlon is a typical military practice. The five events that make up the modality are: Obstacle Course, Rescue Swimming, Utility Swimming, Naval Skill and Cross-Country Amphibious.




The Brazilian women’s team, composed of Áila Alves, Michelle Clerc and Tatiane Pereira, proved to be the fastest and most agile, defeating first Spain in the semi-final and then Russia’s Poliskaia, Andreeva and Antonova in the final, which they won by more than 25 seconds. In the race for the bronze medal, Spain finished ahead of South Africa.

In the men’s race, it was also the Brazilian team composed of Max Leal, Tiago André, João Farche, Felício Carriço and Alex Barreto, who won and gave Brazil its sixth gold medal of its championship. The Brazilians won with three seconds advantage against a valiant Iranian team that finished on the second step of the podium while Spain took the bronze medal.

The Closing Ceremony of the Championship took place on Monday, December 10 in the presence of the following authorities: the Brazilian Chief of Delegation to CISM, Vice Admiral (FN) Roberto Rossatto; the Official CISM Representative and BoD Member Colonel Jose Carlos Garcia Verdugo; the CISM VP.

Americas and BoD Member Colonel Leonardo Perdigão De Oliveira ; the PCSC Naval Pentathlon Navy Commander Ney Anderson Guimarães dos Santos; the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense, Sérgio Pereira; the Secretary of Personnel, Health, Sports and Social Projects, Air Force Brigadier R/1 Jeferson Domingues ; the Director of the Department of Military Sports of the MD and Commander of the Physical Education Center Admiral Adalberto Nunes; the Commander of the Air Force University and President of the Aeronautics Sports Commission Brigadier Major José Virgílio Guedes de Avellar and the Commander of CEFAN Rear Admiral (FN) Reinaldo Reis de Medeiros, in addition to the Chiefs of Mission of the participating countries.

Thanks to Brazil for the organization of this wonderful week that offered magnificent performances under the CISM slogan, Friendship through Sport, and will allow our military athletes to go back home with wonderful memories that will remain engraved in their minds!


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