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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

HIVE 2040 – R&D VC Fund – Emerging Technologies

HIVE2040 – R&D VC Fund – Emerging Technologies – We Discover, Enable & Invest in Start-Ups with Innovative Technologies in the Smart Economy and Public Safety Sectors.



HIVE 2040 is an R&D VC Fund – Listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

We leverage our entrepreneurial talents and diverse network of resource partners, combined with our experience, validation process and access to governments and enterprises across the globe to turbo-charge the growth of start ups. Established by the Avnon Group, in collaboration with leading financial and strategic partners, experienced managers, entrepreneurs and experts with a proven track record in business development and promotion of technological advancement.

The fund’s team has vast experience in companies betterment, alongside an extensive history of Large-scale investments and leading M&A’s and IPO’s.

A set of managerial, human and technological resources In the relevant areas of activity. Exposure to the Avnon Group’s global customer base. Access to financial resources, exposure to the capital market , investors and comprehensive & diverse capital raising options. Growth acceleration towards an exit.

High exposure to evolving technologies in it’s early stages. Investment in companies according to clause 43 of the Innovation Authority. The partnership is an open fund, with no expiration date. Liquidity – Unobstructed participation units that allow entry / exit at any time. Option to redeem profits immediately in case of value overflow (M&A/IPO).



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